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“Never place a period where God has put a comma” — Gracie Allen


We are a people of covenant, a united and uniting church

God invites us into a special relationship called “Covenant.” The bible speaks of God’s holy covenants with people, communities of faith, nation, and all of creation.

As God covenants with us, we covenant with one another. We covenant with many other Christian denominations and pray that all may be one (John 17:21). This prayer extends beyond the unity of all churches to the reconciliation of the whole world.

Everyone's welcome into a special relationship with God, especially you.


We belong to Christ

Jesus Christ is central to who we are. We know God especially in Jesus, who lived, loved, died, rose from the dead and is present today. Because we belong to Christ, we welcome, love, pray and serve.

The God we know in Jesus is also known by many names. We share a tradition among Christians speaking of one god as “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” We also speak of God in ways that enrich our faith – God as mother, rock, liberator, savior, friend.

We affirm historic creeds and statements of faith, not as tests for belief, but as inspired words of faithful women and men who came before us. We discover God through the Bible, through prayer, and through engaging the world.

No single statement fully expresses who God is; but where there is justice, peace, compassion, we see the living God at work in history. To such a God, we belong.

How do you know God? Tell us your story. Let’s grow together.


We listen for the still speaking God

We affirm the words of our Pilgrim for-bearer, John Robinson, that God has “more light and truth to break forth…”

We seek and serve God in innovative ways. God continues to form us through new people among us, offering a multi-cultural mosaic that reflects all creation. We celebrate our common ground, while honoring our differences: “In essentials, unity: in non-essentials, diversity; in all things, charity.”

Through prayer, sacraments and worship; through the arts and science; through compassionate and political acts; and particularly in the voices of those who suffer, God is at work in our hearts and minds, in faith communities, and in the wider world.

Look, listen all around. God’s trying to tell us something.


We are one at baptism and at the table

God’s grace is celebrated in baptism and holy communion. We call these rituals “sacraments.”

Through the water of baptism, God embraces you – no matter who you are – and brings you into Christ’s church. Baptism reminds us of our special covenant with God. In it, you share in the life, death and resurrection of Christ. In turn, the church promises to love, support and care for you throughout your whole life.

At holy communion, we share a simple meal of bread and juice. Here, we encounter Christ’s presence. Together, around God’s welcome table, we recall God’s loving acts in Jesus, experience oneness in God, hope for a time when all will be fed and anticipate the fullness of God’s love and justice throughout creation.

Come to the water of baptism and the table of Christ. Receive God’s goodness and love.


What matters to you, matters to us

We are about faith and justice, exploration and understanding. So, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you and your questions are welcome here.

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